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Our Story

We do things a bit differently, and that’s the way we like it!

How All This Started!

As a teen, longboards and everything moving with a wheel has excited me. When I was a teenager, the problem with these items was not being able to understand what would be my best option. Fortunately, there was a skateboard shop near me where I could go and test out products before actually buying one.

Days have passed and now we live in the era of the internet. Internet has come with lots of benefits, however, it became impossible to test drive something before you actually end up buying it. That’s where the idea of our website came in. We try to make sure that you get an honest, forth-sight review before actually purchasing anything. We only know so much but I can guarantee you that none of our reviews are biased and we don’t get paid from these scooter, longboard and skateboard companies. We got approached a few times but we have happily ignored them.

Our Goal

The goal is to fix that small problem I was having as a child. I wanted to get into reviews and finally, I could do it with this website. If you are interested in skateboarding or any moving wheel items, I hope you find value here and if you do, I would appreciate if you share this with your friends.

-David Martin

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