Arbor Pocket Rocket Review :The Best City Cruiser

So, if you are looking for a good skateboard for yourself or your kid and you have landed on our article, then what we have for you here is the best city cruiser; Arbor Pocket Rocket. The crazy little skateboard rides totally smooth and carves like no other. And do you know what the best part is? It makes no noise at all. In this arbor pocket rocket review we are gonna cover every detail you need to know.
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This means that you can now go around the neighborhood, without your neighbors complaining about the noise that the other boards would make. Just so if you are wondering what’s so great about this skateboard, we tell you, it’s not your regular skateboard and here’s why,

Arbor Pocket Rocket

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Features to Highlight:

Shape and Construction

The Arbor Pocket Rocket is made of seven-ply Canadian Hard rock Maple with a final surface on top consisting of Hawaiian Koa Rosewood; all of it makes the board highly durable. The board feels even more robust and sturdy because of the natural wood underneath. Therefore, this gives the impression of lasting for years after years without having any single damage to it.

Note always to keep it dry and avoid using it under rainy conditions.

The board is spacious enough to that the kick-tail is almost 1/3 of the size of the standing platform. The small nose provides a surfer board look to the skateboard. That’s why we would say that the killer thing is very well-designed as well as much more prominent to allow more significant support. Plus, the shape is a little concaved, which makes it ideal for freestyle riding. It’s enough to stabilize your moves as you slide faster.


The Arbor Pocket Rocket comes with pretty good trucks. Although there are no specific mentions on the height of the truck. However, we can assure you that it’s great! We can tell this because the large wheels easily install accordingly. Had it been shorter, there would be issues while rolling.

Moreover, you can adjust to tighten or loosen the trucks as per your comfort. Hence, if you plan on going for cruising, you will need to consider getting something that will give you heavy-duty support. But if you look forward to enhancing your skills, this is probably the best skateboard!


The Arbor Pocket Rocket comes with a custom Kryptonics Hawaii KS, which by the way, is much more responsive while riding. No doubt on its durability. It is mainly designed for harsh landings, something that is necessary when you kickflip your board or get high into a ramp.

After all, the 61mm Arbor Bogart wheels are the real deal. They have a great roll on pretty much every surface, be it rough or bumpy, and picks up a steady speed on such surfaces. One more thing about the Bogart wheels is that they have a more extensive contact patch than other mini-cruiser wheels. So, this makes it easier for the rider to slide sideways, with maximum balanced grip control.

The wheels are large and soft. There is something beautiful about the wheels and its design. The bright blue swirl inside will surely remind you of the ocean. The wheelbase makes the skateboard so much reactive against air.

Not to worry about its spin and quick pick up as you go downhills. The wheels are smooth enough to grip correctly for cruising. The best part is that it’s made of eco-friendly materials like Sucrose Urethane instead of elements like Petroleum.

ABEC-5 Bearings

Do you rotate a lot while going around with your skateboard? Well then, the bearings should be something that you must emphasize on. This is what ensures that the wheels rotate quite smoothly, without jerking. If you are new to this skateboarding world, you might not notice such trivial issues, but as you get to be a pro, you’ll understand the importance of bearing and will probably look for better ones.

The bearings are something that needs the most maintenance, and you might need to replace them fairly soon as they break down. Don’t take any risks!


We wouldn’t highlight it to be the best skateboard on the market, but we will undoubtedly say that it’s different. How it’s different from others is that its ride is really smooth, or stealthy as some may say. Skating across parking lots have never felt so much better. It would just make you think that you’re gliding.

Some consumers have claimed this to be their favorite toy of all time, and they wouldn’t replace it for anything else. The Arbor Pocket Rocket will impulsively perform all the tricks that you want to accomplish. It’s a fun ride after all!

Thumbs Up For:

  • Affordability.
  • Durability.
  • Wood materials that make it an eco-friendly product.
  • Soft, sturdy wheels.
  • Excellent grip on any surface.

Thumb Down For:

  • The deck is too thick, which makes it less flexible.
  • Dirt and stains may accumulate on the deck.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Question 1: Is this skateboard good for tricking?

Answer: That’s a brilliant question! We would say that the Arbor Pocket Rocket is rather large and heavy for tricking. How about we told you that you can use it for longer hours of cruising around the neighborhood, parking lots and so on. For tricking, we would suggest you go for something that’s lighter and smaller instead.

Question 2: Is it good enough for professionals?

Answer: Of course, it is! Do all you want with your Arbor Pocket Rocket. However, make sure that you check the wheels regularly and change the trucks, and you are good to go! Still confused? Read again our arbor pocket rocket review from start!

Question 3: Why should I choose this skateboard as a beginner?

Answer: Why not! The skateboard comes with decent wheels, trucks, durable board and bearing. So, there is every reason for someone to choose this as a starter. Once you learn all the rolls and tricks, you can always switch to whichever one you feel is better.

Wrapping up

This Arbor Pocket Rocket is a solid choice for every skateboard lover out there. It has all that you need. You can never go wrong with this skateboard. Go around your town fast, smooth and safe with this compact and lightweight skateboard, which is also easy to maintain. Let us know if you liked our arbor pocket rocket review.

Skateboard enthusiasts have specifically mentioned how affordable it is and how well it is designed to fir its purpose. And of course, not to forget about Arbor’s esteemed prestige in the skateboard industry makes it a strong contender! We hope this article was helpful! Now we are outta here with our Arbor Pocket Rocket for a spin. When are you grabbing yours?

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