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If you are going to enter the world of longboarding, then you are probably looking for a fairly affordable yet high-quality deck to start learning with. Getting an inexpensive longboard is a quite reasonable thing to do even if you can afford something expensive. In the beginning, you don’t really know what you need, so making mistakes when choosing a longboard would be easy.

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To save you some time on research and looking for the right longboard, we have found a pretty good inexpensive longboard. On our Atom PinTail longboard review, we are going to help you understand what this board is about and whether or not you should spend the money on it. Let’s see what Atom PinTail longboard has got!

  • 39 inches long, 9.4 inches wide
  • Maple laminate deck with colorful design
  • Features 8.5-inch aluminum tall trucks
  • 65mm and 78A urethane wheels
  • Great choice for cruising

Features of Atom Pintail Longboard:

Pintail Shape

Atom PinTail longboard features a classical concave deck shape that makes this board low to the ground and fairly easy to control. Besides, it is covered with grip tape, which appears to have a pretty coarse surface. installation the grip of the feet with the deck, the PinTail longboard should be spot-on out of the box. However, there is more to the deck of the Atom longboard. It has a pintail design.

The key advantage of the pintail design of Atom PinTail longboard is that it is free from wheel bite. The default wheels are positioned at a good distance from the deck, which should allow for smooth and unobstructed rotation of the wheels. Aside from that, the concave deck will allow you to fairly easily swap the wheels with bigger ones in case you need better cruising control.

It should be noted though that the rear end of the deck is pretty wide, which would prevent you from installing really big wheels. And aside from that, the deck won’t provide you with as much freedom in wheel choice as drop-through decks would. We should also mention that the deck is, in fact, the best part of the Atom PinTail longboard. While you might want to replace the other components of this longboard, the deck should be able to serve you for a pretty long time.

Tall Trucks

The Atom PinTail longboard also comes with pretty tall trucks, though the manufacturer doesn’t indicate the height of the trucks specifically. The height of the trucks is another important factor that allows the installation of bigger wheels. Had the trucks been shorter, you wouldn’t be able to install large wheels.

The trucks can be easily tightened or loosened for more stiffness and stability or easier turning. Bear in mind that the default trucks are beginner-grade, so if you plan to get a longboard for cruising for the years to come, you will probably have to switch the trucks for something more heavy-duty. You don’t necessarily have to do it though if you are just looking for your first longboard to learn skating with.

Soft Wheels

Atom PinTail longboard is equipped with 78A urethane wheels. Due to their softness, those wheels should be perfect for cruising since they absorb shocks and provide better grip with the road.The bad thing about the wheels is their size. 65mm of diameter would be quite good for a tricking skateboard, but they are less suitable for cruising on a longboard. The thing is that smaller wheels aren’t that good on uneven surfaces: you will feel every roughness and every single small stone on the road.

Bigger wheels will also make the longboard faster, albeit their acceleration won’t be as quick as with small wheels. We feel that swapping the wheels with bigger ones is a thing that you have to do at some point in the future. Fortunately, as we mentioned, it will be quite easy thanks to the design of the deck.

ABEC-5 Bearings

Atom PinTail longboard comes with ABEC-5 wheels, which should deliver good performance at the price point of the longboard. The bearings ensure that the wheels rotate quite smoothly without any bites.

You will most likely have to replace the bearings of this longboard fairly soon as well. It isn’t because they are flimsy and will break down early. They simply appear not to be spot-on smooth. You probably won’t notice that in the early stages of your learning, but as the time goes on, you will probably want better bearings.

Pros and Cons of Atom Pintail Longboard:

Pros: What We Really Love

  • Great for cruising and carving because of it's pintail shape
  • Lightweight maple laminate deck and very flexible
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Comes assembled from the manufacturer
  • No wheel bite

Cons: What We Don’t Love

  • Not a great option for flipping and tricks

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can this longboard be used for tricking?

A: Longboards are typically designed for cruising specifically, and the Atom PinTail longboard is no exception. If you want a tricking board, you should look for something smaller and lighter.

 2. Will this board be appropriate for non-beginners as well?

A: Absolutely, but you would definitely need to change everything except for the deck to get the most out of this board.

3. What makes this board really good for beginners?

A: The main advantage of this board is its price. For the money, it comes with decent wheels, trucks, bearing, as well as a good board, which would be more than enough for initial learning. As time goes on, you could replace the parts of this longboard with better ones.

Wrapping Up:

Since 2005 Atom is a trusted longboard brand for beginners and also pros. As our Atom PinTail longboard review showed us, this board appears to be a very good model for beginners. It is cheap and comes with decent components out of the box. That should be more than enough for your initial steps. In the future, this deck would allow you to easily swap its wheels, trucks, and bearings with something smoother and better, which also makes this longboard a good buy in the long run. 

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  1. If you are an experienced skater, and you know that you want something that will offer you specific functions – such as a long range, high speed, or excellent maneuverability – then be prepared to spend some money.


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