Best Full Face Longboard Helmets

If you are a skateboarder or longboarder, then a full face helmet will provide you with the best protection when you are out riding on the road and among traffic. Let’s get into the best full face longboard helmet review today. With proper protection, you can easily do tricks and ride at full speed without worrying about falling and causing serious injury to your head.

Today we are going to be reviewing the Top 8 Full Face Longboard Helmets that you can buy. These helmets also work as amazing skateboard full face helmets so you can enjoy complete protection no matter what your riding style is.

Best Full Face Longboard Helmets Comparison Table:

1. 1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet

If you are on a budget and seeking a strong full face helmet then you can’t go wrong with the 1Storm Motorcycle Modular Helmet. While it is intended for motorcycle use, it works great for skateboarders and longboarders who need full coverage.

The helmet is a versatile one with some amazing features. It comes with the modular flip-up design, dual-lens and UV protection on visor. Since it is made of carbon fiber, you can expect top-notch durability and long-lasting performance. Let’s look at the pros to see why this is one of the best full face longboard helmet

Pros: What We Really Love

Cons: What We Don’t Love

2. Bell Sanction Adult Full Face Helmet

Full face helmets can get rather hot and a lot of people are put off by the thought of their head and face being completely restricted inside a helmet on hot or humid days. Fortunately, the Bell Sanction Full Face Bike Helmet is made from breathable materials so you don’t have to worry about comfort or sweating profusely.

With an open/sliding visor and stylish design, even your child will love wearing it if you can get the accurate size. The price is also reasonable, which makes it an ideal full face helmet for young longboarders and skateboarders alike.

Pros: What We Really Love

Cons: What We Don’t Love

3. Triple 8 Downhill Racer Helmet

Don’t want to compromise with quality? Then check out the Triple 8 Downhill Racer Helmet. This top-quality helmet is made of fiberglass which makes it lightweight but extremely strong and durable.

It covers the chin area, as well as the full face and all around the head. The shatter-resistant visor as a velvet lining which increases its comfort level and also provides a snug fit. However, there are no vents and riders can only get air supply by keeping the visor open.

Pros: What We Really Love

Cons: What We Don’t Love

4. Demon United Podium Full Face Helmet

The Demon United Podium Full Face Helmet is designed for mountain bikers who require and love to enjoy high visibility. The same goes for longboarders, who live for tricks and limitless riding. This versatile helmet can be used for a number of sports as it is both easy to wear and provides great protection.

The exterior comes with a safety net that ensures amazing protection against impact, while the strong and perfectly placed chin strap gives you a great fit. You will also receive a bag to store the helmet.

Pros: What We Really Love

Cons: What We Don’t Love

5. TSG Pass Helmet

If you don’t mind spending a bit on a really high-quality full face helmet, then you should check out the TSG Pass Helmet. Made from the super light fiberglass material, the helmet will feel light on your head but still protect you when you need to be shielded against impacts. With an anti-fog feature and UVA+UVB protection visor, you can ride your longboard through any weather and at any time of the day.

The wide-view design also increases visibility and allows riders to enjoy safe rides on all rides of terrains and environments. For added safety and top-notch comfort, the inner of the helmet comes with EPS impact foam lining.

Pros: What We Really Love

Cons: What We Don’t Love

6. Giro Switchblade MIPS Mountain Bike Helmet

If downhill longboarding is your style, then you might just find the Giro Switchblade MIPS MTB Helmet suitable for you. This durable and breathable helmet is made from heavy-duty plastic, which makes it cost-effective. Although plastic, it is a hardwearing and strong helmet that is designed to offer full coverage and protection from falls, crashes and all sorts of impact. It comes with cheek pads, which you can remove if you prefer to, with a fully removable chain guard as well.

Another removable feature is the face guard should you not feel the need for it. With lots of ventilation, adjustable features, and sturdy construction, the Giro Switchblade is an excellent helmet for skateboarding and longboarding.

Pros: What We Really Love

Cons: What We Don’t Love

7. Razor Child Full Face Helmet

If you are seeking a helmet for your child who loves to hit the roads with his or her longboard or skateboard, then this is an affordable and quality product. The helmet has a plastic shell that is durable and lightweight, something kids will enjoy riding in. Your child can also pick his or her choice of color as the helmet comes in a number of different colors.

With thick all-round padding and a snug fit, you can now let your child ride away without worrying about head injuries or any serious harm in case of a fall or crash.
The area of the mouth is vented, allowing proper air supply. The chin strap is adjustable so you can tighten or loosen according to what works best for your child.

Pros: What We Really Love

Cons: What We Don’t Love

8. Bell Servo Adult BMX Helmet

The Bell Servo is designed for adults and youths. It is a full face helmet that comes with a lot of padding, all in the right places, to give you all the protection and cushioning that you need when you are out there riding your longboard on full speed. The design also includes a neck roll, which not only increases protection around the neck area but also makes the helmet super comfortable.

The integrated ventilation system allows you to use the helmet even in summer. The cheek pads can be removed and are completely washable, so you can keep your helmet fresh and clean at all times. Weighing in at about 3lbs, the Bell Servo is not too heavy and provides a tight fit for most riders.

Pros: What We Really Love

Cons: What We Don’t Love

Benefits of Full Face Helmet

A helmet is mandatory, whether you are a longboarder, a skateboarder, a biker or a cyclist.  A responsible rider should always take safety precautions and wearing a helmet should be number one on the list. But helmets come in all shapes, designs, and styles and for the best all-round protection, we have the full face helmet.

If you are unaware of the advantages of a full face helmet, then check out some of the following points that we have listed below:

1. Protection for the head, neck, and face. During a crash or impact, there is no telling which part of the head might take the blow. You might not hit your head as you fall, but you could strain your neck, or even fall on your face. Fortunately, if you have a full face helmet on, every part of your head will be protected.

2. It keeps dust and flying insects and objects away. While riding full speed, you might encounter flying insects or dust particles, that may distract you and cause an accident. But with the face screen down, you will not have to worry about anything coming your way.

3. Keeps you warm in cold weather. If you love riding on winter mornings or during very cold weather, a full face helmet can keep the cold away and provide you with enough warmth so that you can enjoy your rides to the fullest.

4. Ventilation. Although the helmet is designed to cover all areas of the head, neck, and face, a well-made full face helmet will be breathable and comfortable to wear even on hot days. ​

Helmet Buying Guide

Now that you are aware of the benefits of a full face helmet and have read our reviews of the top 8 full face helmets for longboarding or skateboarding, it is time to take a look at the things to consider when buying a helmet.

1. Quality and Protection:

To check out the quality and level of protection that a helmet has to offer, you can look into a few things. First of all, the material used to construct the product is very important. If you can afford a fiberglass helmet then you must, by all means, go for a helmet that is made of that material, because fiberglass is super tough and light at the same time.

Carbon fiber and heavy-duty plastic are also great but do check out the grade of the material to ensure that it is not the low-quality kind. Next, see if the helmet is certified. With safety certification, you can be sure that the helmet will not let you down in terms of protection.

2. Comfort:

If you are not comfortable while wearing the helmet then you will not be able to enjoy your ride.A very tight helmet may also cause headaches or block air supply to the head which is not very good for your health.

3. Proper Fit:

A proper fit has a lot to do with providing you with maximum protection than just comfort. A loose helmet will feel flimsy and if it wobbles on your head then there is no way that it will be able to protect your head against an impact.

3. Price:

While it is possible to get good helmets within a certain budget, but keep in mind that if the helmet is made from high-quality materials and is packed with all the right features to give you the best experience in terms of comfort and safety, then it is only natural that it won’t be super cheap.

We would recommend avoiding really cheap helmets and maybe saving up to buy something of mid to high range for the best and long term performance.

Final Thoughts

And this was our article about the best full face longboard helmets. Safety needs to come first for any rider and a full face helmet is designed for ultimate protection whenever you are outdoors.Longboarding may not seem like a sport that poses a lot of risks but without the right gears, a simple fall when riding on high speed can lead to a serious accident.

All the helmets reviewed above are built to provide you with all the protection that you may need so that you can ride without worry and within safety, so pick the model which you feel fits your budget and has all the features that you need for your style of riding.

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