Best Longboards for Cruising 2019 [Updated]

best longboards for cruising

Sliding around the air definitely gives you a chill. And whenever we think of it, we think of cruising. No doubt, this is one of the coolest and most fun form of longboarding. You have no rules and regulations to obey, you have no rush, all you will need is just a couple of push to take your ahead.  There are a lot of longboards available, but for cruising you have to look for ideal ones. As looking for ideal ones can be pretty time consuming, here I have compiled the 8 best longboards for cruising that you can give a try. These longboards have not only earned love from the users but also have offered the best tune-up to give you a full of a fun ride. So here is the list:

Best Longboards for Cruising Comparison Table:

1. Ten Toes Board Emporium Zed Bamboo Longboard

Durable deck:

Zed Bamboo appears to be absolutely a strong guy from Ten Toes Board Emporium when it comes to serving durability. So, you can call it one of the best longboards for cruising. It comes with a 44-inch long and 9.5-inch wide longboard deck. And it has been built with an 8-ply construction using a cool hybrid of both Maple and Bamboo material. Besides its durability, the deck owns slip-resistant features with no flex that makes the deck very easy to maneuver. 

Typical trucks:

The trucks of the longboard might not make you feel great enough but they are pretty functional. The truck comes in 8-inch wide over the front and 7.5-inch wide over the rear truck. However, as for the bushings, well they seem more on the hard side which means, it will take a little effort to turn and twist.

Wheels worth:

Zed Bamboo comes with 70mm Polyurethane wheels that you will find pretty shock absorbent and smooth. Yes, they are indeed good in shape for cruising but their 85a hardness makes the wheels a bit hard for cruiser ones. So, you might find yourself to push the wheels with an effort for their hard nature.

  • 44 inches long, 9.5 inches wide
  • 70*51mm, 85A wheels
  • ABEC7 bearings
  • Reactive trucks ensure smooth gliding

Pros: What We Really Love

  • Durable deck with solid construction.
  • The deck is slip resistant and controllable.
  • Easy to ride with decent wheels.
  • Available in a variety of design and colors.

Cons: What We Don’t Love

  • Trucks need to be upgraded or tightened.
  • Hard bushings make harder turns.

2. The Quest Super Cruiser Longboard

Durable deck:

The Quest Super Cruiser is another longboard that can make you cruise with fuel and fun. Coming from the brand The Quest, it features a 44-inch long deck having a large platform. Using 7-ply hardwood maple material with a bottom layer of bamboo, it makes both the shape and construction very impressive. So, as for the best longboards for cruising, it can be taken into account.

Typical trucks:

Just like the previous one, you will find this one to be ordinary as well. The trucks have been made with aluminum construction and come 7 inches in length. Besides, they tend to consist of a double cone bushing so that it can make your board turn hard. You will indeed be able to do sliding in a 50/50 on a curb but because of the softness of bushings, you might like to avoid trying out some skills.

Wheels worth:

The wheels of the Quest Super Cruiser come in 70mm Polyurethane with an 80a hardness. For beginners, the wheels could be quite hard as they would be prone to wheel biting. As for the bearings, they come with a speed of ABEC 7, but you might want to upgrade the bearings if you want to see some more performance of it.

  • 44 inches long, 9 inches wide
  • 7-Inch aluminum trucks, 80A wheels
  • Weighs around 10 pounds
  • Ideal for commuting, cruising & carving

Pros: What We Really Love

  • Amazing deck with well-built construction
  • Easy to use and try out turns
  • Available in 4 different colors and designs
  • Trucks do a decent job

Cons: What We Don’t Love

  • You might not be able to do different twists and turns
  • You might want to upgrade wheels and bearings for more performance

3. VOLADOR 42 Inch Freeride Longboard

Durable drop-through deck:

If you wish to cruise with utmost thrill, VOLADOR freeride can be one of the best longboards for cruising. Coming in a drop through shape, the deck measures 42 inches long in size. Besides, this solid guy offers super flexibility and shock absorbency. As for its construction, the brand has used 8-ply hard-rock maple and epoxy glue to build the deck. Riding and trying the deck out for cruising will give you a confidence boost as it’s going feel easy maneuverable.

Trucks need to be tightened:

The freeride longboard trucks are reverse kingpin trucks that come 7-inch in size. Besides, they are made up of aluminum and are adjustable at 50 or 45 degrees for taking you to great maneuverability. But the only problem is that they come loose for which you might feel the need for tightening them up.

Wonderful wheels:

Having 70mm by 51mm Polyurethane wheels, the longboard will give you one of the best delights to explore in cruising. With its ABEC-9 bearings, it will not only let you have a smooth ride but also will make you feel grippy all the way. Although some might want to alter but it usually depends on the preference.

  • 42 inches long, 9 inches wide
  • 70*51mm, 78A wheels
  • ABEC7 bearings with precision speed
  • 8-ply hard-rock maple

Pros: What We Really Love

  • The deck is durable and well-built
  • Easy to ride and maneuver
  • The wheels roll smoothly
  • Available in a variety of colors and designs
  • Comes with decent trucks

Cons: What We Don’t Love

  • Bolts might feel a little tight, so you may want to alter
  • The white wheels might get dirty

4. Atom Pin-Tail Longboard (39-Inch)

Decent deck:

Atom Pin-Tail Longboard tends to make you lose yourself in longboarding passion that losing in passion. And if you want something to get the essence of it, then this would be one of the best longboards to buy. The deck comes with an 8-ply maple material that has been coated in such that you will find it to be very durable. Besides, it comes 39 inches long and 9.5 inches wide. However, this is a pintail shaped deck with a bit of concave-like trait.

Typical trucks:

The trucks have been made up of aluminum and they come 8.5 inches in size. Although they do their job decently but you might find them somewhat cheap. However, you may also want to loosen them if you want them to carve better. But as for the bushings, they might make you feel disappointed.

Well-built wheels:

With 65mm Urethane wheels, they appear to do their job well with their durability. Coming with a hardness rating of 78a, the guy seems to give you enough stability for having a smooth ride. Although, some might find the wheels to be hard and wish to adjust them to make them easy to cruise on, yet it just depends on the preference. However, the longboard comprises ABEC-5 bearings that will be relatively slow, so you might want to upgrade them as well.

  • 39 inches long, 9.4 inches wide
  • 78A wheels, ABEC-5 bearings
  • 8.5 inches aluminum trucks
  • Great maneuverability

Pros: What We Really Love

  • Comes with a decent deck
  • Great for downhill riding
  • Wheels are well-built
  • Good grip tape
  • Can give you a stable ride

Cons: What We Don’t Love

  • Slow bearings, so they need to be upgraded
  • Trucks might feel cheap

5. YocaherPunked Stained Pintail Longboard

Disappointing deck:

The deck of YocaherPunked Stained Pintail comes in a very amazing pintail shape with 40-inch by 9-inch in size. The deck has been made up of 9-ply maple material and looks incredible to ride. But that’s just restricted to the ride because you might get disappointed with its low durability. However, another disappointing fact is that it might not have the thickness that you would expect it to be.

Terrific tight trucks:

Well, trucks will indeed give you some impressive performance once you get to utilize them properly. But you will be needing to loosen them to observe their charm as they come very stiff and tight.

Wonderful wheels:

As for the wheels of YocaherPunked Stained Pintail, you will find them wonderful. They come with a measurement of 70mm by 52mm and tend to roll smoothly with 78a hardness. Since they look big, so you will find them awesome for street skating especially. However, the chrome bearings come with a speed of ABEC 7 but they are awful. You will really need to change them if you want some good performance.

  • 40 inches long, 9 inches wide
  • 70*52mm, 78A wheels
  • 9-ply maple material
  • Great for cruising

Pros: What We Really Love

  • Available in different colors
  • The deck looks smart and cool
  • Trucks give you great tricks once upgraded
  • Great for beginners
  • Wheels have a decent grip
  • The wheels roll smoothly

Cons: What We Don’t Love

  • Trucks need to be upgraded or loosened
  • Bearings are recommended to change

6. Sector 9 Fractal Complete Skateboard

Decent deck:

Another great addition to the list of best longboards for cruising. Try out this Fractal Complete Skateboard from Sector 9 and get all impressed to see its incredible performance. The deck of this longboard has been made up of 8-ply maple with drop through design. With its 36 inches by 9 inches, this deck owns a decent size. The deck appears to be decent enough to ride for carving and cruising. Besides, there is some camber to the deck that makes it quite springy, so it is going to pop pretty well. But. It’s just not great for sliding and free riding.

Terrific trucks:

The trucks are found to be terrific so you will fall in love to have them. They will give you all the delight with their reverse kingpin trucks while you are carving and cruising. However, you might still want to tighten down the bushings if you want to experience some more from it.

Wheels with bad bearings:

The wheels will be rolling very smoothly with its 69mm size. Coming in hardness of 78a, this longboard will perform with decency. The only disappointing thing is that they feature bearings with poor performance. Wheels being very smooth and grippy, the bearings with ABEC 5 are expected to give a chill, but nope, you will wish to change them.

  • 36 inches long, 9 inches wide
  • 69mm, 78A smooth wheels
  • ABEC-5 bearings
  • Made of 8-ply maple with Drop through design

Pros: What We Really Love

  • The deck is great for carving and cruising
  • Easy to control and maneuver
  • Trucks are love when it comes to their performance once upgraded
  • Wheels roll smoothly and they have a great grip
  • The deck is quite durable

Cons: What We Don’t Love

  • Wheels have awful bearings, so they need to be changed

7. Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta Drop Thru Longboard

Decent deck:

No flow will be able to give you as much fun as the sliding of longboard will. And as for 7. Santa Cruz Lion God Rasta, you will experience the same. Its size is 40 inches by 10 inches and constructed with 9-ply maple material. With its drop through design and concave on it, you will find it to be great for cruising and downhill switch.

Trucks need to be tightened:

Trucks of this longboard will do a great job but you have to make a slight effort in tightening them. They come in loose so they will not be able to give you great performance. But once you tighten them for your longboarding, they will do what they should do.

Whopping wheels for cruising:

The wheels that are 75mm in size look big enough that make them a great pair of gears for cruising. With its 78a hardness, the wheels will be felt a bit more on the soft side. And it can be stated the same for bearings as well. So they will be good for downhill but not ideal for sliding. So this is something that you should think about while getting the board.

  • 40 inches long, 10 inches wide
  • 65mm, 78A wheels with 8.5 inches Aluminium Trucks
  • ABEC9 bearings with maximum performance.
  • Drop thru design & lightweight

Pros: What We Really Love

  • Decent deck size with durability
  • Great for cruising and downhill
  • Easy to ride with smooth wheels
  • Wheels are large
  • Great trucks for its performance

Cons: What We Don’t Love

  • Trucks need to be tightened
  • Not ideal for sliding

8. SCSK8 Natural Blank & Stained Longboard

Dutiful deck:

A fine mixture of the traits: Beautiful and Dutiful. This is what the SCSK8 Natural Blank & Stained Assembled longboard owns. You will be delighted to see its concave design with grip take that comes with sturdiness and resilience. And the reason is its 7-ply maple construction with wise design.

Trucks need to be tightened:

The trucks are 7-inch and made up of aluminum. And yes they come quite loose for which you will need to get them tightened. They will do their job the decency once upgraded, but you might wish to replace the bushings.

Weak wheels:

The wheels of this longboard are 70mm in size and have used polyurethane for their material. Although, wheels are something that is expected to win your heart with its smoothness but you will find the opposite in case of this. The ABEC 9 bearings also do not stand out well. So overall you will need to change them eventually.

  • 40 inches long, 9 inches wide
  • 70mm wheels with 7" hanger trucks
  • ABEC9 bearings
  • Smooth & easy maneuvering

Pros: What We Really Love

  • Available in 5 different designs
  • The deck does its job greatly with its solidness
  • Great for cruising for its concave shape
  • Great trucks

Cons: What We Don’t Love

  • You need to tighten the trucks
  • Bearings are disappointing

Buying Guide for Cruising Longboards

Deck dimensions:

Basically, it appears to refer to the size of the longboard from nose to tail. It is usually measured in inches. If you are looking one for cruising, you better go for the one that ranges from 28 inches to 45 inches. They will be amazing as a cruiser board. Besides, the preference will vary from person to person as well. If you have a short height or you are a youth, the length from 28-inch to 32-inch will be great for you.

If you are a beginner, you might wish to take the board ranging 32-inch to 42-inch in size. This range is stated to be the most popular range among greenhorns. If you think you want some relaxed rides, you can take boards that will be above 42 inches. They are ideal for both cruising and sidewalk as well. However, you should be forewarned, this kind of longboards will give you a tough job as they are found to be very heavy to carry.

Flex features:

Flex is one of the factors that is highlighted to be the most essential feature of a cruising board. The flex of such longboards happens to absorb some of the obstacles including little rocks, bumpy terrain or rough roads. A board with flex helps the riders to slide close to the terrain. And this will be giving you quite a fun vibe. Presence of shock absorption is also important for a healthy ride as they help in relieving the stress on ankles and knees. Another thing that this feature does is that it makes the longboarding easier to push and balance.

Most importantly, if you want some flex, you must check the longboard’s weight scale. If you want some stability, you can go for stiff longboards. But they are meant to be more for downhill than cruising. But if you want a safe and easy ride, then stiffer longboards will be the best pick to go for.

Shape significance:

The preference of the shape varies from one rider to other. There are different types of shapes available for longboards. But if you want to look for the ideal one, it is suggested to go for either the longboards with drop-through or pintail design. They will be quite fine for cruising.

Kick-tail or No kick-tail:

Having a kick tail board will be very handy for making down curbs, quick turns, popping up, and doing tricks. Newbies might minus such feature since they aren’t expected to these from the start using the feature. However, the longboards that lack kick tails help in maximizing the efficiency of the wheelbase. And this lets you to be a slight stable and easy on the board as a novice cruiser. If you think, you will not be able to do tricks and turns then you can have the boards that don’t have kick tail.

Trucks traits:

Be sure you match the width of your longboards deck if you want to have a smooth and stable ride. If you want to try out tricks, then you will be needing to change or adjust the trucks according to your preference.

Deal of wheels:

Go for wheels that will be more on the large and soft side if you want longboards for cruising. The wheels with 60mm to 70mm size having a hardness of less than 86a will be very ideal for such longboards. They will not be only rolling smoothly but also will be absorbing the bumps and obstacles well enough to give a fun ride.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What shape of longboards will be suitable for cruising?

A: For cruising, it is suitable to opt for longboards having pintail or drop through design.

 2. What bearings would you recommend for newbies?

A: The bearings of longboard usually varies on the levels of skill. But if you want an approximate suggestion, then the ideal bearings for beginners would be ABEC 3 but if it is for cruising then ABEC 5 would be the best. However, it is hard for beginners to try longboards for cruising, so it is suggested to not try it from the start.

3. What kinds of materials are used in cruising longboards?

A: One of the most common materials used for such longboards are maple. This type of wood is very sturdy and suitable for the boards. Besides, many of the brands also construct longboards with the hybrid of bamboo and maple as well.

Wrap Up:

You will be required to keep a lot of stuff in mind to get the best longboard. There are countless contenders for such boards, so you better pick one with much considerations. The 8 best that have been listed here can be taken as examples, and you can opt for one here for yourself.

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