Is Skateboarding Good Exercise Than Running On a Treadmill?

Health Benefits of Skateboarding

Despite the many prejudices that still face today, skateboarding is increasingly positioned as a sports practice of great acceptance. It is true that it carries risks for physical integrity, but it is also an excellent exercise to train our legs in a fun way. In addition to that, it can bring us many benefits. Therefore, today we will talk about the reasons for skateboarding, above any objection you may have.

The benefits of this magnificent sport cannot be avoided. Here we will review some of the physical pros that skateboarding has provided since 1950. Skateboarding is an excellent way to exercise the body and keep it in good condition. Whether the rider is skateboarding or performing tricks of a certain risk he will be burning calories (many of them) by accelerating the heart rate to extremely demanding levels and improving, in turn, his physical condition. These features place the sport in the category of aerobic (cardiovascular) activity of moderate-intensity. Where most of the muscles of the body are put into use. The prestigious Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States has indicated this.

Health Benefits of Skateboarding Vs Treadmill?

Now-a-days treadmill is one of the popular exercise at household. But in 80’s and 90’s skateboarding was most favorite game to young people. Now thing has changed. In this busy city life people does not have enough time and space. As skateboarding require open space it is losing its attraction. Treadmill, on the other hand, require small space at home thus it is getting popular. You can simply buy (you can order online though) one of the best folding treadmill for small space out there and set it up anywhere you want at your home. As these type of treadmills can be folded you literally need no space to set them up.

while skateboarding, both the body and the mind are worked together. We are acquiring skills in their practice. So, we become more agile and improve the balance that will be useful to us throughout our lives. One of the funniest ways to skate is on the famous skateboard, which is also one of the most effective if you consider it as a physical exercise. We may not notice it for what it can entertain, but skateboarding for an hour allows you to burn between 500 and 600 calories. Sometimes more, as we can do with traditional aerobic exercises that for many are not as fun.

In addition to calorie burning, skateboarding brings other benefits related to the respiratory and cardiovascular systems and muscle development. Such as the improvement of our strength, coordination, flexibility, and endurance. Likewise, if we practice it in groups, as normally happens, it can be an activity that reinforces our social ties. In a more practical sense, another advantage of skateboarding is that it is an economical sport; practicable at any time and place only with a minimum of physical and material conditions, and that it also functions as a means of transport for short distances.

Is Skateboarding Well For Losing Weight?

Skateboarding help us to lose weight and even more than any other sport. As it is occupied almost the entire body when someone rides on it. Although treadmill also help you lose weight, skateboarding is a fun way to lose weight. If you want to skateboard do it because you like it. Not for just losing weight, and you will not even notice and you will be a slim, well-behaved skateboarder.

Does Skateboarding Build Muscle?

If you still have the skate you used in your teens or if you are a skateboard fan, you have to know that you can not only burn calories and have fun outdoors, but you can also work your muscles using this sporting element. Although skateboarding in the most traditional way you also work the muscles of your legs and buttocks and you can burn a large number of calories, the current proposal is to use this element in an unconventional way to train other muscles such as arms, abdomen, shoulders or chest. Just as you can use other equipment in your home to train your body, in this case, the idea is to use a skateboard to work different muscles of the body.

Does skateboarding build muscle

The first, the abdominal extensions, is very useful for working the abdomen intensely. If you can’t do it standing up, you can start with the knees resting on the floor, and if you do it with one hand on the skate, you will also work shoulders and triceps of the arm resting on the floor. Another option is to perform push-ups, with your hands on the skateboard or, alternating with a jump, hands on the ground and on the skateboard.

You can also work abs carrying knees to the chest, with the feet resting on the skate, one or two legs at the same time. To work legs and buttocks you can make strides and squats, the first with one foot that moves backward on the skate and the second, placing the skate on the back to slide on the wall. Of course, you can also do other exercises; it all depends on your imagination and your goals. But you see that there are many options to work your muscles at home using a simple skateboard as a sports object.

Does Skateboarding Help Lose Belly Fat?

Skateboarding involves those exercises that include the abdomen and the lumbar region. Working this area helps us protect and stabilize the spine, leaving the entire body structure more prepared and much stronger, as well as increasing the efficiency of movements and balance, one of the most important keys for any type of sport.

How Many Calories Does Skateboarding Burn?

There are many ways to skate but in all the body and mind work, making us feel more agile and improving our balance.

As I said before this is a fun sport, so sometimes the effort involved is not perceived so much, but with an hour of skateboarding, you can burn between 500 – 600 calories or even more in a 30 minutes skateboarding, so you have nothing to envy in that aspect to other aerobic exercises.

Does Skateboarding Burn More Calories Than Running On a Treadmill?

Of course, it does. Remember, a treadmill is an exercise machine that can only be used at home not outside. You can set machine at a constant speed and do running. But in skateboarding, you have to maintain your own speed at a different pace at a time. Your body is forced to move at a random speed that helps burn more calories than treadmill exercise.

skateboarding burn calories

Wrapping Up

Conversely, you can surely lose weight if you regularly do skateboarding. By just pushing moderately your skateboard you can burn around 400 calories by an hour and 800 calories if you just skate aggressively. It totally depends on people’s age, weight, and the intensity of your skateboarding. The skateboarding can contribute to weight loss certainly, but the heavy skaters are much likely prone to severe injuries.

Both running on treadmill and skateboarding are good exercise. As we emphasize on skateboarding in this article, it does not mean treadmill running is worthless. Both are helpful to keep fit and lose weight. But, skateboarding is the fun way to do so.


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