Longboarding Safety Tips : You Should Know for Your Own Safety

Longboards are a fantastic and cheapest means of transportation, undeniably. In tune, they are a great sports activity that turns out to be a good workout as well. Hence, if you (or your child) has already got a longboard, now you must be wondering what the safety measures of riding it are?

Over time, many longboard riders have sprained their knee, broken one or two bones or have lost some section of their skin from falling or crashing the board. We wouldn’t really cast longboards as safe, but there are indeed some measures that the rider can take to be completely safe. The rider needs to be able to control his or her speed and make use of all the safety gears correctly. Other than that, here are four other simple steps on how you can ride the longboard safe and sound!

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Protect Your Head

Helmets are protective gears that will safeguard your head if you accidentally fall onto the pavement. Helmet tops our list of safety measures because head injuries are crucial. It protects your head from the risk of head injury by 85% and brain injury by 90%.

Once you put on your helmet, it’s not just about having that shell on your head, make sure that it’s properly fitted and buckled up. Our advice is, every time you have wheels under your feet, make sure that your head is protected from all evil. And if you are a kid and your parents have made the rule of wearing helmets make sure to obey it!

Replace your helmet after 5 years or immediately when it gets damaged. Never compromise on a good helmet as it’s associated with your safety.

Wear Slide Gloves

Slide gloves are there to decide whether your longboarding experience is going to be hurtful or fun-filled. If you are a newbie, you may not know the purpose of these gloves, but let us tell you, once you get to know about all the tips and tricks, you’ll understand what these means.

As a longboard rider, you will need to touch the ground with your right hand to get a hold of your speed. This position also helps the rider propel the longboard safely and keep the balance steady. Now, you wouldn’t want to get scratched or cuts from the ground by touching it bare hand. So basically, longboard slide gloves are such gears that will help prevent injuries to your hand and also help maintain a balance while you slide and shift.

The whole purpose of slide gloves is to give you an easier and safer sliding experience. Beginners may not really need sliding gloves that much, but as the rider enhances his or her skills, they will surely need it to keep their experience amusing, instead of hurtful.

Elbow and Knee Pads

If you think that knee and elbow pads are ugly, well, get over this thought. They are pretty cool! They are the most neglected form of gears. Little did you know that they protect the rider from nasty cuts and scrapes. The knee pad protects against direct slams and avoids the friction burns later. The more twists and flips you take during your ride, the more important it becomes for you to wear these pads. You have no idea how much it might hurt your knees if you, by any case, get hurt. Touch wood!

On the other hand, the elbow caps are no exception. Although your elbows are the hardest and toughest part of your body, it’s still going to hurt if it gets a touch with a wall or pavement. So, wear them elbow caps and protect them from any injuries. It wouldn’t be a problem to skate high vertical ramps as the knee pads will prevent friction burns off your clothes and skin.

Make sure that your knee pads and your elbow pads have a snug fit without restricting your circulation. No way the pads should hinder your movements. It is highly recommended to follow these longboarding safety tips.

Tweaking Longboard Parts

Okay, we sure are talking about tweaking, not twerking. Once you know you are all ready to roll, don’t forget to tweak. In other words, tighten up the loose parts of your skateboard. Usually, we always recommend skateboard users to check up on their bearings and trucks and get it replaced whenever they feel necessary.  Recommended tools for tweaking:

How about you get an upgrade on these kinds of stuff?

Always look for broken, cracked parts, wheels with nicks and so on. Get professional repairing work if needed. All in all, ensure that your skateboard is in good working condition before you go for a ride. Needless to say, always go for quality skateboards that are likely to last you longer.

After all, tweaking the parts is only too keep you safe from accidents and mishaps. It’s more like exercising your skateboard just so it gives you better performance.

Few Other Tips

  • Never ignore the local laws such as places where you can and cannot skate.
  • Don’t take too many risks. That rail may look cool, but if you think that it might knock your teeth out, it’s better not to go ahead with it. Be wary of what might happen next if you make a wrong move.
  • If you can’t handle a particular move, just admit it! Don’t risk your life. Save yourself from embarrassments as well as injuries. Practice it all in your sleep and then move on.
  • Take advice from the local skateboard shopkeepers when buying your gear. They will surely advise you on how you can make the most out of your kit. They always have an overview of how correctly it should be used and also some safe places around for you to ride.
Longboarding safety tips

Final Words

Skateboarding is an all-time favourite sport for many out there. However, it’s very important to feel safe while you are having fun. There’s nothing like mastering the art of riding something new without facing any injuries.Nonetheless, practice and practice until you move on to the kick-flips and spins like you are a pro!

Are there any other longboarding safety tips that you follow? Let us know in the comments below just so we could add to our list and help others!

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