Quest Super Cruiser Review -Worth Buying?

If you ask what is that one thing that can make you go with the flow, then I would have answered longboarding. Longboards indeed won’t be able to make you feel like Tom Cruise if all you want is jumping and bouncing around the road. But they undeniable can give you an essence of it. While many of the longboards are emerging with their elite features, there is this longboard that literally stands out. And it’s The Quest Super Cruiser Longboard. Riders shorter than average height might be interested in the shorter 34-inch version, The Quest Rorshack Bamboo Longboard

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So, if you want to know whether this Super Cruiser acts just like its name, then you will need to check out this write. Because here you will be cruising all the negative and positive features that this longboard comes with. So here you go with Quest Super Cruiser Review!


Features to Highlight

Material Mode: Great!

Not all the longboards will give you great durability but when it comes to Quest longboards, they will surely give. Just like they have mentioned, you actually cannot DARE TO COMPARE their longboards with others since their durability of the deck is top notch. And you can say the same for Owing to the construction of 7-ply using maple with a bottom layer of bamboo, their material speaks a lot about the durability of the deck. Besides, the Quest has also focused quite on the looks and variations of the board for which you will find about 4 different design versions of this Quest longboard. So you can pick any one of your favorites.

Shape, Size, Structure: Super Cruiser!

The deck of The Quest Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard comes in cool pintail style. That indicates it is going to be an ace-like animal for cruising.The-Quest-Super-Cruiser-trucks

And it’s literally known to every single person that this pintail shape is considered to be the most perfect style to cruise. And as far as the size of the deck is concerned, it comes in about 44 inches long and you will find it long enough to longboard with ease. So, The Quest Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard will not be a bad buy if you once start to ride on it.

Trucks Traits: Typical

Better components do offer better performance but their tag-line fails to meet your expectations when it comes to the trucks. The trucks most come out loose so you will need to tighten them for making it work better. However, they are 7 inches long and come with aluminum construction. In addition to this, they feature a double cone bushing that will make your longboard turn hard. So if you wish to do tricks with the longboard, you may get disappointed. However, you can still do carving with it but the soft bushings will make you avoid doing many tricks.

Wheels Whirl: Decent

Wheels are meant to make you go on the roll. And the wheels of The Quest Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard do justice in this case. Coming in 70 mm polyurethane with a hardness 80a, they will indeed roll fast enough to go with the flow, but they still carry some downsides. For newbies, the wheels might be felted pretty hard for their purpose. And they also cannot take extreme abuse and obstacles. But if you try them on easy terrain, they will be all smooth to ride.The-Quest-Super-Cruiser-wheels Moreover, the bearings come with a speed of ABEC 7 and own generic components. So if you want to use the board for special tricks and turns then you may want to upgrade them.

Thumbs Up For

  • Deck acts like an animal with muscular construction.
  • Easy to ride, easy to slide.
  • You will get about 4 different colors to pick.
  • Trucks do an above average job for the price.
  • The deck features a fine kick tail, nose and concave.
  • Reasonable price of the longboard makes the upgrade less painful.
  • The large size offers a perfect platform to control the board the way you want.
  • The wheels roll very smoothly on easy terrain.
  • Ideal for cruising.

Thumbs Down For

  • The slow bearings can disappoint you greatly.
  • Trucks need to be tightened or replaced for better performance.
  • Wheels cannot take extreme abuses and obstacles.
  • The board might flex barely limiting the ability to carve.
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is the board good enough for city transportation?

A: The Quest Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard is indeed good if you are riding it on smooth terrain. If you want to use it for city transportation then you have to make sure that the terrain is smooth. The wheels are able to take little obstacles but they are not good enough to take extreme abuses and obstacles.

Q: Is the board friendly to ride for beginners?

A: Yes, beginners can ride on the longboard, so they will find it friendly enough. However, you will just need to keep one thing in mind which is, the deck comes quite long in size and is meant to be for cruising, so you might feel uncomfortable to use it at first but the experience and practice will help you to be a pro.

Q: Do you need to replace the trucks?

A: It all depends on the preference. The trucks do a decent job if you want to see some more performance but for this, you have to tighten them. If they still keep on disappointing you, then you can opt for replacing them.

Q: Is the deck durable?

A: Of course, the deck is durable. The deck of the longboard has been made up of both maple and bamboo to make it enough sturdy to ride on.

Wrapping Up

So can you really trust The Quest Longboard? I would say yes. It’s because the longboard feels durable enough to slide with you for a longer period of time. Not only will it help you roll smoothly with their wheels, but will take the longboarding to a different level as well. Although you may require some minor adjustments but other than that, it is really a great buy. You can also follow this article here for additional information. So, how was the Quest super cruiser review? Let us know.

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