Santacruz Lion God Longboard Review


Beginning skaters don’t necessarily need to buy a cheap longboard. It all comes down to the budget. Buying a pricey longboard would be pretty appropriate if you, as a beginner can afford it. Add to that the fact that more expensive skateboards come with better parts out of the box, which would be excellent for demanding buyers. The product we are going to be examining on is Santa Cruz Lion God longboard.  This isn’t only suitable for beginners, this longboard would also be pretty sufficient for even the most experienced riders. The fact that the Santa Cruz longboard is appropriate for many skaters. It is appreciated regardless of user experience.

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Will it be appropriate for you, though? Well, let’s proceed on to our santacruz lion god longboard review to find out!

  • 40 inches long, 10 inches wide
  • Comes with Road Rider 180 Trucks
  • Features drop through design
  • Equipped with 75mm /78A OJ Thunder Juice Wheels
  • Black Santa Cruz Grip Tape with Rasta Stripe

Features of the Santacruz Lion God:

Large drop-through deck:

Santa Cruz Drop Thru longboard deck features a large 10 x 40 inches wide drop-through deck, as its name suggest. The drop-through design has one great advantage: it allows the installation of a wider variety of wheels and trucks.

The surface of the deck doesn’t come out far enough to cover the wheels, so you could easily install very large wheels on this longboard, if that is what you need. The same goes for the trucks, you could install shorter trucks to lower the deck down. If you want more stability you can do this without worrying that the wheels will come in contact with the deck.

The deck of the Santa Cruz Lion God longboard has a nice flat and neutral shape, which should be convenient for both beginners and experienced skaters. Besides, the sides of the deck are sloped up, which makes maneuvering the deck considerably easier. Add to that the fact that this deck comes with preinstalled grip tape, and you get a longboard that seems to be easy to control out of the box.

Fast and low trucks:

The trucks of the Santa Cruz are quite remarkable as well. This longboard is equipped with Road Rider downhill trucks. These trucks could be easily tightened for more stability for going on high speeds and downhill, as well as loosened for more responsiveness.

Notably, the Roar Rider trucks are 60 mm high, which makes the Santa Cruz board stand quite low to the ground, even though this longboard is equipped with 75mm wheels, which aren’t the smallest wheels out there. The advantage of the lower clearance of this board is its increased stability since the weight of the rider will be closer to the ground.

Overall, the trucks on this longboard appear to be very good. You could get better and also lower trucks for better performance and stability, but you don’t really have to do that.

Soft and fairly big wheels:

The wheels of the Santa Cruz Lion God Drop Thru longboard deck should also be noted. This longboard is equipped with 75mm 78a OJ Thunderjuicewheels that are soft, as well as quite large. Most typically, longboards come with65 – 70mm wheels that are less smooth when cruising. The 75mm wheels of this longboard should be noticeably better than such small wheels, though you could still get even bigger wheels to really push up the riding comfort of this longboard.

We can’t say much about the bearings of this longboard as the manufacturer doesn’t provide their characteristics in the product description. You should be ready to swap the bearings to something better since the bearings are typically the weakest thing lnlongboards and skateboards.

Nice looks:

The thing that may attract people in this longboard the most is its looks. And it is not only because of the amazing artwork on the bottom side of the longboard, though it makes for the most of this deck’s charm. The Santa Cruz longboard pairs the red color of the wheels with the black deck quite successfully. The colorful stripe running along the center of the deck looks a bit weird and out of place though, to be honest, but we guess it’s there to help riders to quickly find the deck’s center line.

Pros and Cons of the Santacruz Lion God:

Pros: What We Really Love

  • A good choice for both beginners and experienced skaters
  • Flat deck with curved-out sides for easier maneuvering
  • Can accept wheels and trucks of various sizes
  • Comes with soft and pretty large wheels
  • Awesome looks

Cons: What We Don’t Love

  • Unclear what kind of bearings are installed by default

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Would I be able to do tricks with this board?

A: It could allow you to perform simple tricks, but it probably won’t be able to do air tricks due to its size and weight. Apart from that, keep in mind that this is a longboard, and it is designed for cruisingspecifically.

For tricking, you would need to look for a smaller board with harder wheels and maybe with a kicktail to help with tricking .

Q: What’s the weight rating of this board?

A: Judging by the answers of this board’s sellers on Amazon, it is designed to handle up to about 200 – 250 pounds.

Q: Is this board good for going downhill?

A: It should be since its trucks are designed for downhill riding. Besides, the trucks can be tightened for better stability at high speeds, including when going downhill.

Q: Would this board be a good choice for someone with less experienced?

A: It would definitely be a suitable option for beginners sinceit has a simple and neutral deck design that is easy to control. The price ofthis longboard could be the main issue though for those people who are not really sure what kind of a skateboard they need. Otherwise, if you are ready to pay the price of the Santa Cruz longboard, it would be a good choice, especially given the fact that it comes with good components out of the box.


Santa Cruz Lion God longboard appears to be a pretty good product right out of the box and we’ve covered almost everything you needed to know on this santacruz lion god longboard review. Check out this list for more appropriate longboards.  You most likely won’t need to spend additional money on it to make it better. Aside from that, it is very suitable for both experienced riders and beginners thanks to its simplicity. If you found the Santa Cruz to have the features that you need, then it will be definitely worth the money.

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