Sector 9 Fractal Longboard Review

Finding a good skateboard that wouldn’t require you to swap its components sooner or later isn’t easy and, most importantly, requires good money. You would need to go pretty high up the skateboards’ price ranges to find something that doesn’t require tweaking.

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We think that we found a skateboard that doesn’t really need all its parts to be replaced. It is Sector 9 Fractal skateboard, an interesting choice for those who are looking for a good and not so expensive skateboard for cruising. On our Sector 9 Fractal review, we are going to give you an idea of how good this board actually is and whether or not you should buy it.

Let’s begin our Sector 9 fractal longboard review without further ado!

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Drop-through deck

Sector 9 Fractal skateboard features a drop-through 36 x 9-inch deck. Apart from looking pretty cool, such a deck allows great flexibility in terms of truck and wheel configuration. Because the deck doesn’t expand above the wheels, you can easily install larger wheels on this deck. That’s the thing that we would advise you to do actually if you want superb cruising experience. Aside from that, you can easily install shorter trucks on this skateboard. This will lower the deck towards the ground, which should be able to greatly improve the stability of the skateboard.

Sector 9 Fractal longboard deck

If you are wondering whether or not this skateboard is suitable for tricking, the answer is more yes than no. Sector 9 Fractal is designed to have the feel of a longboard, a long and wide kind of skateboard designed for cruising. Aside from that, it would probably be too heavy for tricks. Not to mention that it comes with soft wheels that are much more suitable for cruising than tricking.

Sector 9 Fractal skateboarding deck comes with a preinstalled grip tape, the surface of which appears to be pretty rough and grippy. Paired up with the curved-up sides of the deck, the grip tape should make the Fractal skateboard easy to control. But keep in mind that the deck of the Fractal is convex, which makes it stand higher to the ground and thus somewhat decreases its stability.

Rides on soft wheels

Like Atom Pintail Longboard, Sector 9 Fractal longboard also comes with 69mm 78A wheels. These wheels are very soft, which is what you need for comfort during riding. Softer wheels absorb shocks much better, which will definitely contribute to the ride comfort. We feel that the wheels are a bit small for a cruising skateboard. That’s because smaller wheels won’t be able to smoothen out the unevenness of the road completely. You might want to replace them with something bigger.

Good maneuverability

Possibly the most remarkable feature of the Fractal skateboard is its maneuverability. Even though this skateboard has a feel of a longboard due to its size and soft wheels, it is rather maneuverable for the size. That’s because this skateboard is equipped with Gullwing Sidewinder 9” trucks, which are designed to be somewhat loose to allow for tighter carve and lines.

The bad thing about the trucks is that they appear to noticeably impair the stability of the Sector 9 Fractal skateboard. This thing seems to be dangerously unstable at high speeds, especially when going downhill. This instability could also be noticeable on very rough roads. If the area you are going to be skating has steep elevation changes, then you should probably look for a more stable skateboard.

Sector 9 Fractal wheels

ABEC-5 bearings

Sector 9 Fractal comes with allows great decent ABEC-5 bearings. Those bearings aren’t the smoothest ones on the market, but they should be more than enough if you aren’t that concerned with smoothness.

It appears that the bearings are the weakest parts of the Sector 9 Fractal skateboarding deck. Unfortunately, That’s the case with the majority of available skateboards, unfortunately. If you really want to ride without any noise and effort, then you should definitely look for other bearings.


  • Drop-through design.
  • Allows easy installation of large wheels.
  • Soft wheels for smooth cruising included.
  • Easy to maneuver.


  • Unstable at high speeds.
  • The default bearings could be noisy.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this skateboard suitable for beginners?

Sector 9 Fractal is a high-quality skateboard, but we don’t think that it will be suitable for beginners. It is rather pricey, first of all. It would be more reasonable to get a cheaper and simpler skateboard to first learn to ride and then deciding where you want to move. But when it comes to the price, beginners need to choose themselves whether or not they need to spend more money on a board.

Aside from that, this skateboard might be uneasy to ride for beginners. It’s maneuverability makes it more suitable for those who already can do the basic carving. Besides, it appears to be difficult to keep stable at high speeds, as we already mentioned. The convex shape of the deck could also make controlling this thing difficult, so we would recommend beginners to look for easier to control and maybe cheaper decks.

Are there are any parts in this skateboard that should be changed?

You could swap the wheels with bigger ones for better shock absorption and smoothness of ride if you want that. In addition, you should probably think about changing the default ABEC-5 bearings of this skateboard since they appear to be not very smooth and quiet. If you also need it, you could replace the trucks with something more appropriate for your riding style.

Does this board come pre-assembled?

Yes, it does come pre-assembled.


As our Sector 9 Fractal longboard review demonstrated, the Fractal skateboard is a very interesting model from Sector9. It is a good option for more or less experienced skaters who can deal with increased maneuverability. And also for those who don’t have many elevation changes on their route. While you don’t necessarily need to spend money to replace the Fractal’s components, be prepared to go and get better bearings if you really need perfect smoothness during the ride. If you wish, you could also go for bigger wheels. Otherwise, if you don’t need that much from a skateboard, Sector 9 Fractal should be a perfect choice out of the box.

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