Sector 9 Lookout Review – Is It Really the Perfect Board?

Is What They Say Really True?

Based in California, Sector 9 has been specializing in manufacturing products solely catered to the skating community, and over the last, 20 years or so has made quite a glorified impression on their customers. With their diverse range of products, there is not one single thing that you will need but won’t find in their arsenal. They literally make anything and everything!

Reviewers and longboard enthusiasts all around the world claim that the Sector 9 Lookout Longboard is the perfect board to ever exist. Now, we do not know how true that really is, so we figured to see it for ourselves.
Let’s take a look at sector 9 lookout review what Sector 9 Lookout Longboard has to offer.

Features of Sector 9 Lookout:

The Wrool-Worthy Deck

This board is constructed out of bamboo laminate making it very flexible but being rigid enough to not be flimsy. Moreover, the 5 ply bamboo layering causes the board to be extremely lightweight without compromising on the build quality. The standing platform itself is made to be a sight for sore eyes due to the outstanding graphics and is covered with clear grip tape to provide grip. Despite that, the classy wood look is still maintained for aesthetics. The subsiding width on either end, along with the concave, allows for a comfortable and steady stance.

Premium Hardware

Always wanting to provide the very best for their customers, Sector 9 utilizes 10 inch Gullwing Charger trucks which are over $50 on their own. These trucks are specifically made for downhill riding, implying that they give the board the perfect combination of stability and give for both speed and carving respectively.
The wheels used are none other than 74 mm Nine ball wheels which are fantastic for a smooth ride as they absorb vibrations. Doesn’t matter if you are trying to make a sharp turn or going through a long slide, these wheels will not fail you. Time and time again, they have proven to be the best companion for your longboard.
On top of all that, Sector 9 has included grip tape to prevent rider’s foot from sliding off the deck. As miniscule as its benefit may be, it is no doubt a nice touch from the company and these minor details show their dedication to their customers.

Going for a Ride

The board didn’t disappoint while riding. It excels at carving and routes going downhill without any hiccups on increasing speed level. The board made tight turns around corners without difficulty and the clear grip tape did a wonderful job with creating friction between the shoe and the deck.
While this board wasn’t meant for sliding, the slides made by some riders were pretty decent. However, if you are really keen on sliding on the Sector 9 Lookout, we recommend you look into different wheels which are more suitable. The Nine balls grip on to the road too well creating a bit more friction than you need during sliding. The Sector 9 Butterballs would be a much more appropriate choice.

Pros and Cons of Sector 9 Lookout:

Pros: What We Really Love

Cons: What We Don’t Love

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What colors do the trucks and wheels come in?

A: There is no specific color as they come assorted. However, it is highly likely that the trucks you get will come in black. The wheels, on the other hand, could be any color.

 2. Is the board very heavy?

A: The deck itself is very lightweight, therefore easy to carry around. It is roughly around 8.2 Lbs.

3. What level of expertise should one have for this board? 

A: As I described on this sector 9 lookout review, the board promises stability. It is great at carving, and easy to control, anyone can easily ride it. Even beginners should have no problem.

4. Does the Sector 9 Lookout come assembled, or do I need to put it together myself?

A: The board comes assembled from the manufacturer, so you can start having fun right out of the box!

Is the Lookout Really the One You are Looking For?

Sector 9 always came out with products that we can’t help but love, and the Lookout is no different. Looking at all the features and specs, we have to admit that all the hype stood to be true. The board is all round one of the bests that money can buy in the market at the moment. Not only is the board perfect for casual cruising around town, but it is also great for carving as well. Made of solid Bamboo and constructed in such a way that ensures comfort, stability, and overall enjoyment for riders of all expertise level. There is another great board from Sector 9 lookout series that could match your personality and riding style.

The price that you pay for the myriad of features that the board has is just icing on the cake. No doubt, it is ranked as the top 3 products from the company’s diverse product line. The bamboo makes it really flexible yet lightweight and if you are looking for a premium longboard with an all wood feel then Sector 9 Lookout is the one. In addition to that, you can carve and commute long distances. 
If you are a beginner than the Sector 9 Lookout will prove to be a great way to start your journey into the longboarding culture. If you are a pro rider, on the other hand, then you might want to pick this up just to add it to your collection. It is worth it.

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