Sector 9 Meridian Review – Is It Any Good?

Let’s Catch Up a Bit

 Sector 9 has been producing high end quality longboards for the last 20 years and have made quite a name for itself in the longstanding skating community. Based in the state of California, USA, Sector 9 has been actively participating amongst the skateboarding culture by sponsoring various events, competitions, and riders. Their aim is to really encourage new and existing skateboard enthusiasts and share the love for the sport.

This company manufactures anything and everything related to skateboarding. There diverse product line ensures that they can cater to everyone’s needs. Let’s take a look at one of their boards, the Sector 9 Meridian, which has been causing quite a buzz, and see on this sector 9 meridian review if it’s any good.

Features of Sector 9 Meridian Skateboard

The Sector 9 Meridian implements the drop through the system, bringing you closer to the ground, buying you more leverage when riding. This way you are able to kick off harder and experience a great performance overall. Not to mention the width gives you ample foot space. In addition to that, you can make use of the rails for balancing out after every slide.

New riders need high stability, and the 30.5 inches wheelbase in the Meridian allows for that to happen. Despite its heavy duty build quality, the board is lightweight and agile enough to make quick turns around corners. The deck is molded into a somehow unorthodox spiral concave.

It’s Fast But Not Too Furious!

If you are one of those who loves the thrill of rushing downhill or even on plain terrains, then Sector 9 Meridian is the perfect candidate. The smooth wheels that the manufacturer has used ensure an effortless ride and increasing speed without compromising your safety. The longboard offers amazing stability due to the build and the spacious deck that helps you keep balance no matter how daring your tricks are! With this board, the world is your oyster and you can ride to your heart’s content.

The board sports premium bearings from the manufacturer and coupled with the long deck makes it so easy to push and travel around the city area. The board is also designed to bring comfort for the rider via the drop through mechanism implemented. Sector 9 Meridian is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable longboards you will find in the market.

The King of Stand-Up Slides!

The surface area of the platform prevents you from falling off the deck while the slight concave of the Meridian allows you make stand up slides. Again, for those of you who love the exhilarating feeling of riding wild, the Sector 9 Meridian will be the perfect match. Even in mountains, you will find yourself gaining speed. Hence, all your wild dreams coming true!

This board leaves a bit of room for customization as you can add additional reverse trucks and wheels, and once done so, you are unstoppable. The combination of the material used for the deck with the slight concave makes it easy to ride. The unique design does not go missed by onlookers when you are cruising around town.

Pros: What We Love

Cons: What we don’t

Some Things to Keep in Mind If You Are a Pro

If you are a pro and still want the Meridian, it is most likely that the stock parts will not satisfy your needs. These minor upgrades, however, might make a world’s worth of difference.

  • Change out the stock wheels for the Seismic Speed Vents (77 mm) for more grip
  • You might want to look at Seismic Tantrums for more slides
  • Take a look at Riptide Sports’ bushings and pivot cups

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is it concave? Is it good for sliding?

A: The deck is concaved moderately, therefore stand up slides are doable.

Does the Sector 9 Meridian have kicked ends?

A: No, it is mostly flat with a bit of a concave. There are no upturned nose or kick tails on this one.

Q: How well does it support the rider?

A: Pretty well. The wide platform keeps the rider steady and balanced.

Q: Is this a good choice for longboard dancing?

A: Yes.

Q: How would you rate the wheels?

A: The wheels are by Sector 9, so they are pretty smooth and rides effortlessly.

Q: What kind of trucks are used?

A: Gullwing trucks are used.


But the Verdict Still Remains…

Sector 9 rarely disappoints with their products and this time, it is no different. We just learnt that once again from this sector 9 meridian review.  The Sector 9 Meridian great for someone who is just starting out and want to learn or show off some skills in the neighborhood. It has enough surface area to keep you balanced and steady while being lightweight and easy to handle. The slight concave helps you regain balance after sliding, and with its dream-like maneuverability and stability, you will be drawing all eyes on you with your Oscar worthy tricks!

Moreover, the board promises a smooth ride every time, offering you comfort for long distance commutes while relieving the pressure from your knees and ankles. The overall build and structure of the board are perfect for both rocky areas and flat, even surfaces. However, if you are a pro rider, you might not enjoy this as much. Just something to keep in mind.

But other than that, the cons of the Meridian are very few and are definitely not deal breakers. Taking into account all the features that it comes packed with, the Sector 9 Meridian is without a doubt one you should consider getting.

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