Should I Go For A Skateboard Or Longboard?

A longboard is a variety of the traditional skateboard and has its unique features. However, they both have a few differences and similarities. As we explore their features, you’ll be better able to decide which one may be best suited for your style of skateboarding. Skateboards or longboards are both ideals for varying types of rides, depending on your personal preference.

Their shapes, sizes, lengths, and wheels all make the difference in how well you maneuver on the road and the types of stunts and tricks you can perform.

Which Is Better For Beginners: Skateboards or longboards?

When choosing a beginner skateboard, you need to consider how each size and shape match up against each other.

Size and shape:

While skateboards are normally 7 to 10 inches wide and between 28-32 inches long, longboards measure 9-10 inches wide and are 33-60 inches long. Experienced users may argue that longboards allow for greater balance and may be ideal for beginners.


When choosing a skateboard or longboard, the wheels make all the difference in terms of speed, turns, and tricks. For beginners, balance and control are a priority. Skateboard wheels tend to be harder and smaller and are perfect for balance and tricks. However, they do not handle cruising well and may tend to trip easily on bumps in the road.

Longboard wheels are bigger and softer and can glide easier and faster over most surfaces. They also tend to withstand rough terrain better and riding over long periods is much easier. 

While both boards are suited to beginners, longboards are longer than skateboards and tend to provide more balance and control when riding. Longboards also help learners break more easily when cruising and they are good for transitioning to more advanced stunts. While longboards may be better for overall balance, they do not handle flips as well as skateboards.

Are Longboards Safer Than Skateboards?

Longboards tend to have wider and longer decks than skateboards. It means there’s more overall space to position your body and feet more evenly on the board. The slender shape of the longboard helps riders maintain a lot more balance and control than skateboards.

Longboards are designed for longer riding and are easier to navigate over rough terrain than skateboards. However, although longboards tend to be safer than skateboards, you still need to exercise caution when riding.

Gear up:

Even with better balance and control, accidents can happen. Invest in safety gear like helmets, elbow and knee pads and protective shoes to help cushion your body from spills on the road.


It’s a good idea, especially for beginners, to practice gliding over a flat, smooth surface before going on the road. To find your balance, practice placing your feet on the board where you feel comfortable and in control while moving.

To avoid falling or flipping off the board, lean your body slightly in each direction when turning left or right. While riding, try to match balancing your body weight to the speed of the board. Go slowly, and find your rhythm before attempting stunts and tricks.

Which One Is Easier: Skateboards or Longboards?

Since every skater is unique, the ease of handling either a skateboard or longboard depends on personal preference and skating style. In order to determine which board is easier, there are a few things to consider.


There are some activities that are more suitable for each board and you’ll need to choose which are more comfortable for you. Skateboards are more suited for flips, tricks, track skating, rail slides, and vertical movements. It’s generally easier to maintain control than on a longboard. The shape, size, and length of longboards allow riders to enjoy riding for longer periods since they are able to get more balance while cruising and turning at faster speeds.

Riders on longboards also get more balance and overall control when going downhill or on rough surfaces than on skateboards. Longboards also help make overall skating more comfortable and with less effort and time than skateboards. They are ideal starter boards if you’re new to skateboarding.

In addition to more balance and flexibility, longboards are a bit more versatile in the off-season than skateboards. Riders can snowboard and surf, depending on the conditions, and may even get in some exercise in areas close to home during rainy weather.

Which One Is Beter: Skateboards or Longboards?

Whether skateboards or longboards are better, depends significantly on what you expect from your board. If you like speed, then a longboard is better. Longboards are better for smooth turning and cruising over long distances. They also make downhill runs much easier and safer in terms of overall balance.

However, if you want to ride with extra baggage, a skateboard is better. Skateboards tend to work better for short-style activities in and around city areas and parkways. The curve-style deck of the skateboard is also better when performing certain flips and movements as they are lighter to maneuver. A skateboard may also allow riders to bop in and around small objects on the road, or you may even opt to leap on or off sidewalks if traffic builds up.

For persons new to skating, however, the longboard will help in maintaining better balance, since it has more space and length than a skateboard. Depending on the area you are riding, a skateboard may not be able to smooth over small stones or cracks in the road. You’re more likely to flip off if the board stops suddenly as there is little brake control on rough terrain. Longboards are better at absorbing bumps and humps on rough surfaces. You can enjoy a smoother, more comfortable experience.


Skateboards and longboards both have their advantages and disadvantages, but both are good choices depending on your level of experience and personal choice. While they have similar features, they are also different in size, length, and level of stability.

They handle varying terrain differently and safety and overall flexibility are worthwhile considerations when deciding which one is best for you. Choose the board that best matches most if not all of your needs.

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