Valador Longboard Review : Why Valador?

Are you looking for the best cheap longboard this year? Do not miss our exclusive catalog and a guide to choose your longboard at the best price. The best longboard brand can provide great comfort and excellent travel. In this article, we have written about volador longboard review.  We have done a complete compilation on these products. So that you can choose the one you like the most without worrying about quality. Moreover, in our selection, we have placed those prices with the economics of all. In our volador longboard review today,we have collected its best options with excellent levels of quality, and beautiful designs at the best price.

What is the Best Longboard Brand?

The best purchase will be the one that matches the quality and manufacturing standards. That professionals and experts in the area recommend for any product. We consider the essential evaluation and consideration of users who have had previous experience with Volador Longboard models. Volador is one of the most popular skateboard brands in the world for product quality. We recommend only those who have delivered a great experience of satisfaction and durability with their buyers. There are many brands, types,and prices of longboards in the market.

Valador longboard brand

The price of a longboard varies depending on many factors: the brand, the quality of the board, the quality of the bearings, the quality of the wheels, the place of manufacture, etc. A longboard can be cheap and be better than a more expensive one with the same benefits.

It is advisable that if you want your first longboard to choose a simple one. You will be able to learn much faster and see at once, what you are going to use the board. We suggest you to buy Volador Longboard for its Durability, Graphics range, joyful and smooth ride.

Why Should I Buy Volador Longboard?

Longboarding is the passion of many generations, not just the new ones. We understand that many people, especially the youngest, can not afford to buy the most professional. That is why we have developed this comparison to show the best longboards of the year. We have analyzed longboards at affordable prices and sincerely we have been surprised. Some of the last cheap longboards that hit the market are good. Volador longboard is cheap and has a low price. We can analyze its features and find authentic wonders.

Why Volador Longboard is Best?

The best thing about this volador longboard is it can be acquired at an affordable price due to its wide variety in the market. The brand committed to the development and manufacture of equipment, and high quality to get amazing physical performances. That incorporates ready elements to facilitate excellent filming even on the roughest pavements. They also integrate an incredible variety of models, designs, and colors that fit perfectly to your deepest personality character.

Our Top Pick From Volador Longboard:

Volador Freeride Longboard Review:

It is Ideal for those who practice carving. It has a pintail design on 8 layers of maple, elegant and striking that is a great longboard for beginners and intermediates. It is rather long measures and drops by camber deck allow it to gain flexibility and good shock absorb-er. It is one of the best longboards of the market as it is quite resistant and holds good speed in a controlled manner. It is including the tightest corners, thus avoiding dangerous skids.

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The durable 78A PU wheels size is 70×51 mm that works on ABEC-9 bearings. Its symmetrical structure keeps the wheel from a bite at any angle. Its shapes are unique and good materials such as carbon steel bolts, high rebound PU wheels, chrome steel bearings, and aluminum alloy trucks. Its reverse kingpin trucks measurement is 7-Inch that designed as adjustable feature up to 50 or 45 degrees.

Valador longboard review
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Technical Features:

  • Length x Width 106.68 x 22.86 cm 
  • 180 mm Slant Inverted truck
  • Wheels measurement: 70×51 mm and 78A PU
  • 8 layers of natural hard rock maple withe poxy resin glue
  • ABEC-9 bearings with precision speed and high-strength hardware
  • Weight: 0.22 kg
  • Deck: 42 inch

Why Should We Buy a Cheap Longboard?

There are at least 4 reasons to buy a longboard at a cheap price without fear of being wrong:

1. Price

Surely, you have heard that about $ 50 or more you can buy a better one. That is not true at all. Longboards are made up of many parts: deck, bearings, wheels, axles, truck, etc. Sometimes, buying a longboard of $90 and investing in good wheels of $35 is better than choosing another longboard of $125 with a slightly better board but with equally loose wheels.For example, in this same comparison, we advise you to buy a cheap longboard and then change the wheels.


Sometimes the brands are worth only because of their weight in the market. Volador products are very good in its vast majority. Their longboards usually have good designs, reasonable finishes and the durability of the boards is incredible.

3. Place of manufacture

There are nearby brands that manufacture and assemble in your national territory. Some production and shipping are usually cheaper than many other brands that come from the US. The products go through fewer hands before reaching the distributor in your country and the final price shows a bit. It can happen that a US brand makes its manufacture in Vietnam or China.

Valador brand eco friendly

4. By the use of the table

Finally, a table can have several types of uses. We can find those intended for carving, those used for downhill or for example those that are made for cruising. It is important a longboard to descend slopes should have impeccable finishes. Otherwise, a drop to 50km /h can be fatal.The table is designed for this purpose, as are the axles, bearings, and wheels.Sometimes a longboard meant to move down slopes for high costs.


Volador longboard is committed to the environment and sustainability. So all the materials we can choose with the aim of reducing the impact on nature. Its main mission is to provide high-performance boards and satisfaction from riders with ecologically sustainable materials.

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